And just like that, it’s all over. Today marked the one month anniversary since I started doing something different. On January 10th, a cold Friday, I started group therapy, and today was the final day. I’m a mix of emotions about it. There were fantastic people that I met, and wonderful facilitators who ran the […]

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I sat down and got to work. Before my first session with my current therapist, I had to fill out some paperwork. I drove over to the building, made my way down the carpeted stairs to her office, and then it was time to fill out an intake form. I’m sure I’ve filled out this […]

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Home Movies

Letting go isn’t always easy. A few years back, I interned in Costa Rica for the summer. I woke up that first morning in a bed that was not my own, in a hostel that was unfamiliar, and got ready for work. It felt like I had started a brand new life, and in a […]

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Playing Catch

You can’t always jump right in. I walked over to my therapist’s house after a heavy rain had fallen. The dark clouds loomed large in the sky, as if they might change their mind, and the humidity was with me every step I took. It’s been a strange stretch of weather, one where you feel […]

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Happiness (Part III)

About to graduate high school, I should have been over the moon. I wanted to feel the excitement of the people I saw in movies, people who did stupid things and lived life with a reckless abandon that wasn’t feasible when the grades still mattered. I hadn’t been the coolest person in high school, and […]

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The Return

Sometimes we need to be reminded. Despite the plethora of seating options that were now available, I sat down on a familiar forest green couch across from my therapist. It had been some time since our last session, and after receiving a strongly worded email that questioned my commitment, I wasn’t sure if I still […]

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Disclaimer: I once wrote a paper in my international trade class about the dangers of countries “dumping” large quantities of a product into another country’s market, which distorts that country’s market and undercuts prices. This post isn’t about that. You’re welcome. When I was a primary care giver, one of the most profound feelings or […]

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OCD (or Eating Me Alive)

“People in Boston seem overly worried about fire,” my coworker said. It was a strange sentence, but made sense in the context of the conversation. I had an anecdote to offer, something to add, and it slipped out before I could stop it. “I have to take a picture of my candle before I leave […]

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A couple of months ago, I opened my eyes to find that I had woken up without the aid of my alarm. When I went over to check my phone for the time, I realized that the reason I hadn’t heard my alarm was because my phone had stopped working. I knew that there were […]

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Pleasant Surprises

As I stated in the first post of my revamped blog, sometimes we don’t have the conversations that we need to. Things are left unsaid, and relationships that could grow or become enriched by these types of conversations remain stagnant or even decline. There are so many reasons not to have these conversations: they’re unpleasant, […]

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