Home Movies

Letting go isn’t always easy. A few years back, I interned in Costa Rica for the summer. I woke up that first morning in a bed that was not my own, in a hostel that was unfamiliar, and got ready for work. It felt like I had started a brand new life, and in a […]

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Playing Catch

You can’t always jump right in. I walked over to my therapist’s house after a heavy rain had fallen. The dark clouds loomed large in the sky, as if they might change their mind, and the humidity was with me every step I took. It’s been a strange stretch of weather, one where you feel […]

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Happiness (Part III)

About to graduate high school, I should have been over the moon. I wanted to feel the excitement of the people I saw in movies, people who did stupid things and lived life with a reckless abandon that wasn’t feasible when the grades still mattered. I hadn’t been the coolest person in high school, and […]

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The Return

Sometimes we need to be reminded. Despite the plethora of seating options that were now available, I sat down on a familiar forest green couch across from my therapist. It had been some time since our last session, and after receiving a strongly worded email that questioned my commitment, I wasn’t sure if I still […]

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Disclaimer: I once wrote a paper in my international trade class about the dangers of countries “dumping” large quantities of a product into another country’s market, which distorts that country’s market and undercuts prices. This post isn’t about that. You’re welcome. When I was a primary care giver, one of the most profound feelings or […]

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OCD (or Eating Me Alive)

“People in Boston seem overly worried about fire,” my coworker said. It was a strange sentence, but made sense in the context of the conversation. I had an anecdote to offer, something to add, and it slipped out before I could stop it. “I have to take a picture of my candle before I leave […]

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A couple of months ago, I opened my eyes to find that I had woken up without the aid of my alarm. When I went over to check my phone for the time, I realized that the reason I hadn’t heard my alarm was because my phone had stopped working. I knew that there were […]

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