Too Much

The details aren’t important. For me, it’s the lessons learned. Recently, I found myself in a situation that I thought was going to be relaxing, and even fun. I had enjoyed a similar situation before, but this one, while more or less the same, was not the relaxing experience I had wanted it to be. […]

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Glimpses (Part I)

“Do you feel pressure?” “No, well, maybe a little bit.” “Why?” “There’s pressure to see if we connect.” I was asked the above question during a somewhat recent date. On the whole, the conversation flowed. In our conversations, we talked about little things like where we had lived, but the conversation also went deeper than […]

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“Are you trying to compete with yourself, where you previously were?” I love the idea of a birthday post. I get super reflective around this time of year, and writing down my thoughts helps me to process them. I just made the hard decision to bow out of a race in a few short weeks. […]

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You Can’t Help Me Now

It was too cold for my morning coffee walk, so I opted for a drive. For some time, I was in the belief that I would never return to my hometown. Good memories resided there, but a part of me assumed that the weight of the bad memories, that they would tip the balance of […]

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Social Distancing

My mind is pretty quiet these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get distracted. In the past two days, I’ve tried to write two posts that haven’t really gone anywhere. If you’re wondering why my most recent posts have a dated feel to them, it’s because they’ve been dug out from the archives, edited, […]

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Night Driving

“When I told people that we used to go driving at night, they didn’t understand it,” my former roommate told me. Back in high school, I didn’t party or indulge until late in the game. When I hung out with friends, we’d play basketball, watch movies, or just hang out and talk. Some nights, that […]

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The Desk

You don’t realize how much something means to you until you let it go. As part of our recent move, my roommate and me got rid of some furniture. We placed the pieces out on the curb, and waited for passing cars to slow down and take them  off our hands. The sun was shining, […]

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Passing Ships

Sometimes, you’ll meet someone going in the other direction. The first time I heard the phrase, “Passing ships in the night,” was from my stepmother. I gave her a curious look, unable to intuit or infer what she meant. She’s made up a few of her own words, and she’s used them with confidence, as […]

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I don’t think I truly had my first piece of meatloaf until my late twenties. Growing up, it was never served in the Heidbreder household, and it never sounded all that appealing (after discussing this topic with a friend, we came to the conclusion that it’s the name. It’s definitely the name). It seemed like […]

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