Stay or Go

When you can’t change your location, sometimes you have to change your mind. One of my early posts was about my escapist fantasy. In this fantasy, I’d leave without telling anyone. I’d pack up all of my belongings, drive off into a romantic sunset, and find a new place to live. Sometimes, I pictured working […]

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I Just Can’t Today

I’ve wanted to write this post for some time. Depression isn’t something I love to talk about, or that I even want to talk about, but it’s too important not to discuss. I have friends who’ve been affected by it, and I’ve personally experienced it as well. It’s something so real to me, and it’s […]

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Rebuilding Year

Sometimes you have to tear the whole thing down. I try to maintain a positive worldview, but life is not a constant stream of positivity the whole way through, at least that’s never been my experience. There have been peaks and valleys. There have been good times I thought would never end, and there have […]

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Mental peace is hard to achieve and maintain. I recently said goodbye to my twenties, and as expected, that event brought with it a whole host of emotions and memories. There were good things to remember: friendships made, family ties strengthened, great nights out, amazing concerts, and more recently officiating my sister’s wedding ceremony and […]

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When I wrote my post about self-care, one of the techniques I mentioned was meditation. Meditation is amazing, but a higher level, it’s important to exercise and condition the mind. We spend so much money on fitness classes and programs, various supplements, athletic wear and the like, and yet we spend so little time taking […]

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A couple of months ago, I opened my eyes to find that I had woken up without the aid of my alarm. When I went over to check my phone for the time, I realized that the reason I hadn’t heard my alarm was because my phone had stopped working. I knew that there were […]

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Walking Paradox

I stood up in front of the congregation and took the microphone that was offered. I was at my grandmother’s funeral in Illinois, and the group had been asked if we had any memories we would like to recount. A few of my family members had already spoken, and for some reason I felt compelled […]

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Changing Direction

The last time I regularly maintained this blog was in the winter months of 2015. During this time, our Capstone team was in the middle of spending three weeks in Sri Lanka for the data-collecting portion of our project. While the east coast suffered through sub-freezing temperatures and occasional snowstorms, the temperature in Sri Lanka […]

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