Lately, I’ve been living more of my life. I can never tell when it’s about to happen. As I walked down the hall of my apartment building to get rid of some recycling, the ideas started to swirl around my head. I got the opening sentence, I got the title, and then sentences and ideas […]

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I’ve Been That Loser

As a kid, I liked to make up my own games and involve my friends. I don’t know if that made me cool, but enough people were involved that I never gave it a second thought, wondered if what we were doing was popular. I’d lose myself in these games, and when I was home […]

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Own It

When my Dad got remarried for a second time, he and his new wife combined two families. Both had two kids, and each of our respective families literally doubled in size. The house I lived in became so much smaller, and chaos was the order of the day most days. One of the first things […]

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