The Reality of Mental Health

Sometimes, the things we can’t see are the hardest to grapple with. My family home was beautiful and brown, at least it was when we first moved in. It was a good-sized place, and my Dad had several pieces added to it to accommodate our growing family. I moved from a room at the front […]

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Raw (Under the Surface)

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. Whether you’re talking to your therapist or a good friend, sometimes you need to go deeper than surface level. These kinds of conversations have their time and place, but there things in life you’ll need to talk about, things you need to let go of in order […]

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Sometimes, I just need to write it out. I fire up a laptop, open up a blank document, and I let out all of the thoughts and frustrations that are floating around in my head, but that I don’t have an outlet for most days. These documents aren’t linked to the cloud, on the off […]

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