A Year of Peace

The search for peace is an important one. Meditation is rarely a topic on this blog, and for good reason. You either get it or you don’t, and the latter isn’t easily converted. I understand. For years, I didn’t think that meditation could help in any tangible way, or maybe I never really considered it. […]

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Motivation for Life

And we all cross over to the other side, but you already knew that. People find out about death at different ages, but you I’m not sure you truly grasp it until much later in life. It’s too abstract of a concept for our young minds to grasp, that someone is here one day and […]

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When I wrote my post about self-care, one of the techniques I mentioned was meditation. Meditation is amazing, but a higher level, it’s important to exercise and condition the mind. We spend so much money on fitness classes and programs, various supplements, athletic wear and the like, and yet we spend so little time taking […]

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