I Hear You

We maintain an insane pace. It’s been a great week, replete with family gatherings, food and drink, and a lot of errands. It’s been productive, it’s fed my soul, and I got exactly what I needed before heading into a new year. I’m ready to be successful, to achieve the goals I’ve set. I’m feeling […]

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I learned from the best. My first job out of college was working for a local bank. I know that’s nothing exceptional, and to the outsider, I must have seemed like a regular person, someone just trying to get some real world experience for potential jobs down the road. In so many ways, I was […]

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3 Questions

“So, what are you in to?” In a church basement on a Saturday afternoon, I was asked a question I’d never been asked before. The usual question is, “What do you do?” I look the person in the face,  meet their gaze, and I offer up what amounts to a canned response. I tell people […]

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Stay or Go

When you can’t change your location, sometimes you have to change your mind. One of my early posts was about my escapist fantasy. In this fantasy, I’d leave without telling anyone. I’d pack up all of my belongings, drive off into a romantic sunset, and find a new place to live. Sometimes, I pictured working […]

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Prove It

Sometimes, you feel the need to prove yourself. At various points in life, I’ve felt underestimated. I’ve felt people look at me and think that I’m not enough, that I’ll fail, that I’m stupid, that I’m a problem child, that I look too young. I’ve had the sneaking suspicion that I don’t meet people’s expectations, […]

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Motivation for Life

And we all cross over to the other side, but you already knew that. People find out about death at different ages, but you I’m not sure you truly grasp it until much later in life. It’s too abstract of a concept for our young minds to grasp, that someone is here one day and […]

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Night Driving

“When I told people that we used to go driving at night, they didn’t understand it,” my former roommate told me. Back in high school, I didn’t party or indulge until late in the game. When I hung out with friends, we’d play basketball, watch movies, or just hang out and talk. Some nights, that […]

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