So Go

When is it time to pick up and leave? For the first 18 years of life, give or take, I didn’t have to think too much. I always knew I’d stick with public schools, and so the path before me was clear. My educational choices were preordained, so I was free to be myself, to […]

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We all want to be remembered. So many of us want to do something noteworthy in life. Whether it’s writing a book that gets universal acclaim, making a movie, winning a championship, getting your doctoral degree, or anything of that ilk, so many of us spend our time on earth trying to do something that […]

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Irish Exit

It’s tempting to sneak out. Recently, a coworker of mine left for another job. People change jobs all the time, but it was how he left that I found interesting. Rather than walking to the front door and having to say goodbye to everyone, he snuck out the back. I’m not sure that anyone was […]

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