Safety Valve

In times of trouble, there are those we seek out more than others. Life can be a challenge to navigate. There are ups and downs, and if I may be frank, this has been a bit of a down year. Few things have gone the way I wanted them to, and they have me attempting […]

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The Love You Have

May this post serve as a reminder. I just finished a good workout, but it wasn’t easy. A large part of me didn’t want to do it, and so I battled and bargained with myself. I drank coffee. One cup became two became three. I told myself I would put it off until after lunch, […]

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Social Distancing

My mind is pretty quiet these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get distracted. In the past two days, I’ve tried to write two posts that haven’t really gone anywhere. If you’re wondering why my most recent posts have a dated feel to them, it’s because they’ve been dug out from the archives, edited, […]

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Floating and Doubt

I’m not sure why this scene is playing in my head, but I’m going with it. —- And I’m there, floating on top of the water, as small waves move me around rhythmically. I let the water carry me where it will. I could do so many things. I could swim a little bit, get […]

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Sometimes, I just need to write it out. I fire up a laptop, open up a blank document, and I let out all of the thoughts and frustrations that are floating around in my head, but that I don’t have an outlet for most days. These documents aren’t linked to the cloud, on the off […]

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