Disclaimer: I once wrote a paper in my international trade class about the dangers of countries “dumping” large quantities of a product into another country’s market, which distorts that country’s market and undercuts prices. This post isn’t about that. You’re welcome. When I was a primary care giver, one of the most profound feelings or […]

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Pleasant Surprises

As I stated in the first post of my revamped blog, sometimes we don’t have the conversations that we need to. Things are left unsaid, and relationships that could grow or become enriched by these types of conversations remain stagnant or even decline. There are so many reasons not to have these conversations: they’re unpleasant, […]

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Floating Out in Space

Sometimes on Sundays I go for a drive. I leave in the early afternoon, usually about 1, grab a black iced coffee (with caramel swirl and an espresso shot, without a doubt my favorite way to drink it), and just cruise. It’s a way for me to tune out the world, to literally go for […]

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