I finished my last set and walked into the bathroom to look in the mirror. I was fresh off of one of my last workouts of the year, and it had been a good one. I was tired, but invigorated. I flexed in the mirror, making sure the lighting was just right, and took a […]

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Sometimes, I just need to write it out. I fire up a laptop, open up a blank document, and I let out all of the thoughts and frustrations that are floating around in my head, but that I don’t have an outlet for most days. These documents aren’t linked to the cloud, on the off […]

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Winter ’18

First off, I know. What could possibly make anyone want to read a post about winter? After all, we’re currently living it. The temperature was a thermometer-shattering -2 degrees this morning, and although the sun is out and the wind is minimal, it’s still fantastically cold. Several times this winter I’ve walked outside and been […]

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Happiness (Part II)

When you’re young, you don’t ask yourself if you’re happy. Most of us are happy in our our youth, but when you get older it’s no longer assumed. When you’re older happiness is something you have to fight for. There’s so much negative energy in the world, so many reasons to not be happy, that […]

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The Return

Sometimes we need to be reminded. Despite the plethora of seating options that were now available, I sat down on a familiar forest green couch across from my therapist. It had been some time since our last session, and after receiving a strongly worded email that questioned my commitment, I wasn’t sure if I still […]

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“Once I leave this town, I’m never coming back.” I don’t remember the exact moment I made that statement, and there’s a good reason for that. I’ve said this or some version of this several times over, in reference to my hometown of Reading, Massachusetts. Years back, we were in the process of selling my […]

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