Out of the Pit (Part II)

***Imagine I posted this a month ago*** Let’s dive back in. Four years ago, I wrote a post called Out of the Pit (Part I). I’m not kidding. The date was June 26th, 2018. In some ways, it isn’t shocking. Father’s Day was yesterday, and even though it’s been over 10 years, it’s a day […]

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Social Distancing

My mind is pretty quiet these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get distracted. In the past two days, I’ve tried to write two posts that haven’t really gone anywhere. If you’re wondering why my most recent posts have a dated feel to them, it’s because they’ve been dug out from the archives, edited, […]

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On a Dime

And suddenly you’ll change. September is always a time when a lot of people move, and that was the talk of the office for a time. People were scoping out new living situations, scheduling movers, and making the last minute decisions. You always feel like you’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth, like […]

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Ideal Life

The picture used to be blank. The topic was on my mind before I even got home. Maybe I was mulling it over in the super market, but when I walked through the door, I was ready to sit down and write it out, ready to get down my thoughts, to pour some time and […]

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Happy Place

“We’re going to try hypnosis.” Many years ago, I was a forgetful kid. I was the type of person that would walk into a room with a purpose, I’d do several other things, and then I’d leave. Maybe I’d remember the original task, but that wasn’t a given. I was also the type of person […]

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I learned from the best. My first job out of college was working for a local bank. I know that’s nothing exceptional, and to the outsider, I must have seemed like a regular person, someone just trying to get some real world experience for potential jobs down the road. In so many ways, I was […]

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Family comes in many different forms. After signing my most recent lease, it’s led me to reflect on the year that’s been, even if it hasn’t been a full year. May is coming soon, sooner than we all think it will, and that was the last time my friend and I lived together. The last […]

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So Stay

You’ve made the choice to stay, now what? No longer searching for your utopia, no longer trying to find a place that likely doesn’t exist, you’ve decided to stay in one place, at least for a bit. Get comfortable. Make wherever you are a place you’d like to inhabit. Make it your own, and add […]

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Stay or Go

When you can’t change your location, sometimes you have to change your mind. One of my early posts was about my escapist fantasy. In this fantasy, I’d leave without telling anyone. I’d pack up all of my belongings, drive off into a romantic sunset, and find a new place to live. Sometimes, I pictured working […]

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Night Driving

“When I told people that we used to go driving at night, they didn’t understand it,” my former roommate told me. Back in high school, I didn’t party or indulge until late in the game. When I hung out with friends, we’d play basketball, watch movies, or just hang out and talk. Some nights, that […]

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