2021 (Year in Review)

I really lived this year. My year was broken up into thirds. The initial third consisted of my first real relationship in 5 – 6 years. It was a strange experience, diving back into something that I last had when I was 28. It became very clear that I was rusty, and had a lot […]

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The Path

“So, where do you see yourself in five years?” I was 23 when I realized the futility of scripting my path. I sat there across from my therapist, and said the words out loud that proved to be prophetic. “I’m not where I expected to be at 23.” I had intended to be either employed […]

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We have tremendous potential. I don’t know what I’m meant to do in life. I feel like there’s so much I haven’t accomplished, but when I look back, my experiences have been varied, and most of them have been memorable. I’ve had some strange jobs. I have two degrees (someone must have made a mistake), […]

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One More Thing

I’m embarrassed. I wrote the post on Friday about my final day of work, and I forgot to include what might be the most important thing that I learned while working there. All the lessons and concepts I wrote about are transferrable to so many different areas and aspects of life. It’s important to listen […]

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