Stranger, No More

“What did you do on your 35th birthday?” The above question was posed, and I didn’t have an answer. My birthday has frequently been a source of anxiety for me, as it feels like everything is moving too quickly. I’m getting older faster than I can take, and yet, I’d like to come to a […]

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The Journey (2 Friends)

There were once two friends. One was stupidly optimistic, and the other was overly pessimistic. Aside from believing that life was something good, the optimistic friend was also a hopeless romantic who wanted to find love, and they were willing to put themselves out there until they found it. The other friend was the cynical […]

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We all want to be remembered. So many of us want to do something noteworthy in life. Whether it’s writing a book that gets universal acclaim, making a movie, winning a championship, getting your doctoral degree, or anything of that ilk, so many of us spend our time on earth trying to do something that […]

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Irish Exit

It’s tempting to sneak out. Recently, a coworker of mine left for another job. People change jobs all the time, but it was how he left that I found interesting. Rather than walking to the front door and having to say goodbye to everyone, he snuck out the back. I’m not sure that anyone was […]

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Across a Lifetime

Almost every year, two of my groups of friends get together for a fantasy football draft party. Both leagues are nearing the decade mark, and it’s incredible that these groups have stuck together for as long as they have. Something keeps us coming back. There are many different personalities in each of these groups. There […]

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Show Up

“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it,” read the sign I passed on the highway. I don’t usually remember signs on the side of the road, and although that day was rainy and overcast, and I should have been paying more attention to what was going on in front of me, the sign stuck out […]

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I’ve Been That Loser

As a kid, I liked to make up my own games and involve my friends. I don’t know if that made me cool, but enough people were involved that I never gave it a second thought, wondered if what we were doing was popular. I’d lose myself in these games, and when I was home […]

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Take Only What You Need

This past November, I had my 10-year high school reunion. My roommate and I debated whether or not to go, a debate that lasted at least an hour. A friend once told me, “If you don’t have anything else to do, you should go.” I used this and many other reasons why we actually should […]

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