Quincy (IL)

“So, how much do you weigh?” I walked out onto the tarmac with the group, and handed my backpack to someone. I climbed onto the plane that looked to be several decades old, clipped in my seatbelt, and waited for takeoff. I was told to sit on the right side of the plane. We were […]

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Confession: I love to dance. I could tell you that it’s only when I’m alone, in the safe confines of my apartment, where no one will see me, but anyone who knows me well knows that that isn’t the case. I was once a wallflower, but now, whenever the mood strikes me, I like to […]

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Ideal Life

The picture used to be blank. The topic was on my mind before I even got home. Maybe I was mulling it over in the super market, but when I walked through the door, I was ready to sit down and write it out, ready to get down my thoughts, to pour some time and […]

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The Reality of Mental Health

Sometimes, the things we can’t see are the hardest to grapple with. My family home was beautiful and brown, at least it was when we first moved in. It was a good-sized place, and my Dad had several pieces added to it to accommodate our growing family. I moved from a room at the front […]

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The Wilderness

At a certain point, you realize you’re leaving the path. One time, I got lost in the woods. It was nighttime, and I won’t get into too many of the specifics, but I will say that it was terrifying. I looked around, and all I could see were blackened trees, shadows, and a sprawling darkness. […]

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Happy Place

“We’re going to try hypnosis.” Many years ago, I was a forgetful kid. I was the type of person that would walk into a room with a purpose, I’d do several other things, and then I’d leave. Maybe I’d remember the original task, but that wasn’t a given. I was also the type of person […]

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I learned from the best. My first job out of college was working for a local bank. I know that’s nothing exceptional, and to the outsider, I must have seemed like a regular person, someone just trying to get some real world experience for potential jobs down the road. In so many ways, I was […]

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Family comes in many different forms. After signing my most recent lease, it’s led me to reflect on the year that’s been, even if it hasn’t been a full year. May is coming soon, sooner than we all think it will, and that was the last time my friend and I lived together. The last […]

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Stay or Go

When you can’t change your location, sometimes you have to change your mind. One of my early posts was about my escapist fantasy. In this fantasy, I’d leave without telling anyone. I’d pack up all of my belongings, drive off into a romantic sunset, and find a new place to live. Sometimes, I pictured working […]

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Truth for a Truth

Sometimes, the way we feel is just below the surface. After a good workout, I offered a friend of mine a ride home. I located my orange car in the parking lot, something that’s never hard to do, and it started without hesitation. Off we went into the night, driving the short distance to the […]

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