Sometimes, all we need is a piece. Decisions in our lives are a constant, but some are big enough to make you doubt yourself, to make you pause, and wonder if you’re capable of making the choice on your own. We might want to consult someone else. We want to make sure we consider the […]

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So Go

When is it time to pick up and leave? For the first 18 years of life, give or take, I didn’t have to think too much. I always knew I’d stick with public schools, and so the path before me was clear. My educational choices were preordained, so I was free to be myself, to […]

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The Desk

You don’t realize how much something means to you until you let it go. As part of our recent move, my roommate and me got rid of some furniture. We placed the pieces out on the curb, and waited for passing cars to slow down and take them  off our hands. The sun was shining, […]

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A couple of months ago, I opened my eyes to find that I had woken up without the aid of my alarm. When I went over to check my phone for the time, I realized that the reason I hadn’t heard my alarm was because my phone had stopped working. I knew that there were […]

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I don’t think I truly had my first piece of meatloaf until my late twenties. Growing up, it was never served in the Heidbreder household, and it never sounded all that appealing (after discussing this topic with a friend, we came to the conclusion that it’s the name. It’s definitely the name). It seemed like […]

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