Glimpses (Part I)

“Do you feel pressure?” “No, well, maybe a little bit.” “Why?” “There’s pressure to see if we connect.” I was asked the above question during a somewhat recent date. On the whole, the conversation flowed. In our conversations, we talked about little things like where we had lived, but the conversation also went deeper than […]

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Confession: I love to dance. I could tell you that it’s only when I’m alone, in the safe confines of my apartment, where no one will see me, but anyone who knows me well knows that that isn’t the case. I was once a wallflower, but now, whenever the mood strikes me, I like to […]

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Summer of Adam

This summer was supposed to look different. Back in the month of May, I was seeing someone. We started dating during COVID, and as the weeks went on, we spent increasing amounts of time together. There was a definite connection, but we went too far too fast, and the strain was visible and real. We […]

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For Fun

Sometimes I just cannot psyche myself up. I’m a self-motivated person. I like to say that I’m on fire, or that I’ve caught fire, or that I’m catching fire, but the reality is a little tamer than that. I’m at very least I’m energetic, even when it comes to more mundane tasks, and I try […]

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First Date

It’s important not to get ahead of yourself. It’s been over a year since my last date, and I can’t say I’ve missed dating all that much. I’ve often found the experience to be more anxiety-inducing than anything else, and so it’s been easier to avoid it in the name of mental health. I know […]

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This Modern Dating

A friend of mine came to Medford this past weekend. We had a lovely time, went to a few restaurants and spots I’d never been to before, and after a good breakfast at a diner on Sunday morning, we went for a walk at Assembly Row. We walked along the Mystic River, and found a […]

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Last weekend, I went dancing with some friends. Yes I’m aware of how ridiculous that sentence is, but I love to dance, and don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. I’ve always been of the mind that as long as you’re out there giving it your all, it doesn’t matter how you […]

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