Stranger, No More

“What did you do on your 35th birthday?” The above question was posed, and I didn’t have an answer. My birthday has frequently been a source of anxiety for me, as it feels like everything is moving too quickly. I’m getting older faster than I can take, and yet, I’d like to come to a […]

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“Are you trying to compete with yourself, where you previously were?” I love the idea of a birthday post. I get super reflective around this time of year, and writing down my thoughts helps me to process them. I just made the hard decision to bow out of a race in a few short weeks. […]

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34 (Part II)

The Journey continues… I remember it vividly, at least the major details. After a night of merrymaking, I set out for the day, on what was the final day of my solo trip to the PNW. I was in Vancouver, and truth be told, if there was another readymade destination for me to go to, […]

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34 (Part I)

I’m in it for the long haul. And I remember the last six months before I turned 30. I spent almost every day in a state of pure anxiety, somewhere between leaving my childhood and becoming an adult, not sure how to handle this impending new decade that was fast approaching. Truth be told, while […]

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Before and After

Most people wouldn’t start their birthday with a workout, but I am not most people. I woke up this morning, threw on my dark blue bathrobe, and turned on some soccer. It didn’t matter who was playing. I had plans for later, but they weren’t now, and I entered my 31st birthday by having the […]

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