Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Driving is still the cure for so much of what ails me. The simplicity of it is appealing, and every component is crucial, from the good music to the familiar streets to the iced coffee in the cup holder. I drove around on this beautiful Monday, with minimal cars on […]

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Labor Day

The cold nights begin, as that winter air creeps in, slowly but surely. I do love this time of year, as the days are warm, and the nights are cool. It’s great weather for sleeping, which is something I used to really struggle with, and sometimes still do. For the most part, I’ve learned to […]

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We’re all going to fall, and that’s why it’s important to know how to stand back up. This past year was an unmitigated, wild ride. I’m not one of those people who will tell you that they’d do it all over again. The fact is, I would trade it for anything. Before this past year, […]

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Who You’d Want

I can’t offer much, but I can understand. My social anxiety has improved, but there are still moments when it makes itself known. It knows when I haven’t been paying attention to it, when I’ve let my guard down, and it strikes when I’m vulnerable, uncomfortable, feeling the least like myself. Those moments have decreased […]

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It’s all enough to make you shut your door. In a recent post, I wrote about how when we’re children, we don’t have much of a mindset. Things are a little different now that I’m 31. As an adult, I overanalyze things to death. I’m plagued by anxiety (or used to be, although it still […]

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So Go

When is it time to pick up and leave? For the first 18 years of life, give or take, I didn’t have to think too much. I always knew I’d stick with public schools, and so the path before me was clear. My educational choices were preordained, so I was free to be myself, to […]

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Soul Speak

It’s one thing to have the conversation. It’s another thing to know what to say. It was raining, and there I was, standing at the corner of a busy intersection. I’d left my umbrella at the office, the way I used to leave cheap umbrellas in bars all over New York City. It wasn’t exactly […]

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Facing Yourself

“What’s the best part about living alone?” —- During my freshman year of college, my roommate left every weekend. On Friday afternoons, his friends or parents picked him up, and he’d return late Sunday night. During the second half of the year, with no Friday classes to speak of, he would jet on Thursdays, leaving […]

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It’s that time of year once again. On the brink of turning 31, I thought about last year’s birthday. It was a momentous occasion, and the celebration was exactly what I wanted it to be. At my stepmother’s house, I was surrounded by friends and family. Not everyone was there, but there were enough people […]

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Coming Down

I love when people dig beneath the surface. In a recent conversation with a friend, he revealed to me his profound level of social anxiety. At parties, he’d always stick around for a bit, crack a few jokes, and then withdraw. I always thought he was avoiding certain people or an unpleasant conversation, or maybe […]

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