3 Questions

“So, what are you in to?” In a church basement on a Saturday afternoon, I was asked a question I’d never been asked before. The usual question is, “What do you do?” I look the person in the face,  meet their gaze, and I offer up what amounts to a canned response. I tell people […]

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It’s all enough to make you shut your door. In a recent post, I wrote about how when we’re children, we don’t have much of a mindset. Things are a little different now that I’m 31. As an adult, I overanalyze things to death. I’m plagued by anxiety (or used to be, although it still […]

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End of the Chapter

It’s tempting to think of our lives as a book. Life has been anything but predictable since I left my hometown. Even before going to college, my life was chaotic, but I didn’t know that until years later. It’s amazing the mindset you have when you’re young, or rather, it’s amazing that you don’t have […]

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The Kindness of Strangers

You never know who will brighten your day. At around 8:30 am, I pulled into a parking lot. I was there to pick up my moving truck, and although the day was young, I was already frazzled. I was later than I’d meant to be, and I was running on six hours of sleep after […]

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Weak, Part II

A piece removed reveals another. One of the cool things about writing such an introspective blog, almost diary-like, is that you can look back at what you’ve written and notice the progression. You also get to pick out your favorite topics and write about them again, albeit from a different perspective or angle. You consider […]

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Chipping Away

The door of the moving truck slides up. Behind it is all of your worldly possessions. They’re stacked up neatly, braced against each other, arranged so that they don’t topple over in transit. Your things are there, and they’re staring back at you, mocking you, almost laughing at you. Of course that’s all in your […]

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Family comes in many different forms. After signing my most recent lease, it’s led me to reflect on the year that’s been, even if it hasn’t been a full year. May is coming soon, sooner than we all think it will, and that was the last time my friend and I lived together. The last […]

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