Lately, I’ve been living more of my life. I can never tell when it’s about to happen. As I walked down the hall of my apartment building to get rid of some recycling, the ideas started to swirl around my head. I got the opening sentence, I got the title, and then sentences and ideas […]

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The Job

It’s been years in the making. So, full disclosure, this post was an attempt at manifesting something I wanted. That thing is the job I now have. I’m not saying that the manifesting practice worked, but when I wrote this, I was willing to try anything. The goal was to write about the job as […]

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My Valentine

I know that I’m a bit late with this post, but a part of me that wanted to address this holiday, which can be a bit of a minefield. I felt compelled to say something. I’ve spent the majority of my Valentine’s Days alone, but I never mind. I’ve been alone long enough to have […]

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You Can’t Help Me Now

It was too cold for my morning coffee walk, so I opted for a drive. For some time, I was in the belief that I would never return to my hometown. Good memories resided there, but a part of me assumed that the weight of the bad memories, that they would tip the balance of […]

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10 Years Gone

10 years ago, I lost my best friend. Time is confusing. In some ways, I don’t feel all that different. I’m still in good shape, I look more or less the same, but somehow, I’m ten years older than I was when Dad passed. People say that time moves quickly, whips right by you, and […]

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2021 (Year in Review)

I really lived this year. My year was broken up into thirds. The initial third consisted of my first real relationship in 5 – 6 years. It was a strange experience, diving back into something that I last had when I was 28. It became very clear that I was rusty, and had a lot […]

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Confession: I love to dance. I could tell you that it’s only when I’m alone, in the safe confines of my apartment, where no one will see me, but anyone who knows me well knows that that isn’t the case. I was once a wallflower, but now, whenever the mood strikes me, I like to […]

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The Path

“So, where do you see yourself in five years?” I was 23 when I realized the futility of scripting my path. I sat there across from my therapist, and said the words out loud that proved to be prophetic. “I’m not where I expected to be at 23.” I had intended to be either employed […]

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It’s important to commemorate the milestones… I wasn’t sure I’d make it here. I remember my excitement when I turned 100, or rather, my blog turned 100. I don’t know the exact number of words I’ve written for each and every piece, I only know that it averages about 1,000. So right now, I’ve written […]

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